Monday, April 10, 2017

Writing to get through

The Pain of Dreams

There is a place 
Where you are
With your smile, that smile
Eyes gleaming like stars
You have been waiting for me
I collapse in your arms
There is so much you want me to see
Oh, how I have missed your charm
We dance and laugh and make love
I never want to leave
You are all I ever want to be a part of
I take in all of you and I believe
We can be together forever, again
You are my soul and I am yours
But then I feel you pull away as you grin
I know what this is and everything blurs
"One more night for us." You whisper gently as you fade away
My tears turn to sobs as I feel you go
"But I need forever!" I wail
It's too late and once more, the world is hollow
A poem I wrote during a rough time. It is a reminder of pain and how far I've come. The book I'm working on will have all of the writing/poetry/rants/raw grief that I channeled in my first year. I am actually quite excited to release it and show how pure pain can turn into hope and joy finding their way in with the grief and a new way to see the world. xoxo


  1. Beautiful poem...
    Look forward to hearing more about your book

  2. Very powerful, very real. Writing helps me too. Today marked the end of year two and the beginning of year three, tomorrow comes.