Sunday, May 1, 2016

He made the moon shine for me...

I had somebody in this life who just had to look at me for me to see a universe of love.
His smile swirled around me and filled me with joy.
He soaked in my pain with the deepest empathy a human is capable of.
He brought out the best in me, a side of me that I didn't know existed before him. 
We held each other up, creating such a strong foundation that it felt like it would never crumble.

Part of our strength was that we were real.
He had flaws, I loved him anyway.
He annoyed me, I loved him anyway.
We argued sometimes but we never went to bed angry.
We were important to each other because we allowed each other to be authentic even when it was ugly.

He was a storyteller and full of magic.
He created rituals that made our house and our little tiny family feel so cozy.
He called me duchess, doll, gorgeous and played with my name in the best ways.
He made characters for our dog and cats.
He created worlds out of words and they were all for me.
He made the moon shine for me...

I miss you, S.
This world is so dull without you.


  1. He sounds like he was a great guy, a keeper for sure. I sense a story in just about every line of your poem. I'd love to hear more someday, for example, on how he made characters for your dogs and cats.

    1. Oh Jean, it was marvelous. I wish I could put into words just how hilarious his little voices were and just how perfectly the expressions on their faces went with everything he said. Even their movements and body language went along. He had impeccable improv skills and used them every day, all the time with our animals. It was just one of millions of things he did that gave life so much color and vibrancy.

      Thank you for your comment. You are so supportive, I am incredibly grateful you're out there for many of us. A true inspiration on this horrible journey. <3

    2. What a lovely memory to share. Guys who aren't afraid to show love to their pets are such treasures. I'll bet yours are grieving right along with you.